BPO Project

Do you want to start your own captcha bussiness, like megatypers.com, captchatypers.com and other servers? Yes, this software will be helpful to you.

The software is named Captcha Entry Software Premium Edition, and is called CESPE for short. It's all-in-one software. You can work with multiple accounts of different servers. Also, you can build your data entry team easily and freely, become a boss, let others work for you.

Bpo - Business Strategy 

This is an example that you can earn 20000 Rupees per day by doing nothing if you have 1000 referrers. 

1000 Workers x 200/day = 200000 Rupees / day. (Workers Earning / day)

If you Lock 10 % of their earnings  you will get 20000/day

Your Monthly Income 20000 X 30 days = Rs.600000/ Month


1 System With Internet Connection

Bpo software
  • Recruit Home based workers 
  • Show demo from your Place
  • Workers Work from their Home 
  • You will get Commission
Marketing Strategy:

Give Advertisement in News Paper, Quikr, Olx, Justdial etc.,
Recruit More Number of Home based workers 

You can give work to home based workers (Unlimited)


Software Features

» We will provide both admin software and client software. The admin software is used to manage your employees; You can add, remove and block the employees from the admin software. The employees can work by using the client software.

» You can change the client software title, public a notification to your clients.» Automatically update when new version is released.» No trademark, your clients won't know anything about us from the software.

How it works

1) Add the real account and create another account as the client account, we call it Client ID.One client id corresponds to one real id.

2) Set up the commission, which will be deducted from the earnings of the clients. You can also hide the balance which will be shown on the client software. Set up the client software name as your server name.

3) Send the software with client IDs to your employees. Seemingly, they work by using the client account. In fact, they are working by using the real account made by you. After you get the payment from the real accounts, pay your employees and take the remaining dollars.

 Till now, these servers are supported:

kolotibablo [Client mode] (kb)
Pixprofit (pix)
Pixandprofit (pix)
Megatypers (mt)
Protypers (pt)
Captcha2cash (cc)
Captchatypers (ct)
When new server starts, it will be added to the software for free.
The Google I'm not a robot CAPTCHA is supported.


How to use  CESPE Software 

First of all, make sure .NetFramework 2.0 or higher edition has been installed, if the operating system is windows XP. The .net framework 2.0 is required to run admin software or client software.
Click here to download .NetFramework 2.0 32bit
Click here to download .NetFramework 2.0 64bit
1) Start
Open the account.ini in software folder, set your admin id and password there.

2) Change the password or email

3) Add employee
Click add employee tab, select the server name, fill out the informations and click add button.
userid and password is the real id and password, created on the server. and clientid and clientpassword is the id and password which is used on client software. You can use any characters except symbols like !@#$%


4) Change, delete, or block the account
Click employees tab
You can search the user by entering the client id or double click the account in accounts list.

5) Set the client software title, commission, and send a notification
Click setting tab.
If you want to hide the balance on the client software, enter 100 in commission textbox. Commission means how much will be cut from the earnings of the client, 10 means 10% of the earnings will be cut.

6) Set up the client software
open the software folder, open lic.ini by using notepad, enter your licensekey there, save. Archive the folder as a zip or win-rar file. Send the client software to your employees
How to use the client software
Open software, click settings tab. Add account. Multple ids can be added. click work space tab, click start to start work. Click the checkbox to pause or restart work. If you can't understand the image, press ESC to skip.

For more Details mail to : admin@captchaentry.in,